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Landscape Consulting

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our native landscaping expert

Wildscape Design

Let us curate the optimal wildscape design for your outdoor space

Installation & Maintenance

Choose from our wide-variety of garden and landscaping services

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Landscape Consultation

Together, we'll take an in-depth, 45 minute tour of your property to assess each aspect of your current landscaping. Our assessment will help identify highest to loweset priority areas - along with what ecological and aesthetic improvements can be achieved based on your unique site conditions, budget, and future landscaping goals. The consult fee will be put toward any future services.

Email us to schedule your first consultation! 

Wildscape Design

Wild Revival will use your personal landscaping goals and aesthetics to create a highly curated planting plan for your unique outdoor space and budget. Following a step-by-step site assessment, we'll determine the specific characteristics of your property - including soil type, sunlight levels, drainage, and maintenance needs. This individualized approach provides an immediate impact to your property while supporting the long-term success of your new Wildscape.

Email us today to start creating your ideal Wildscape design!

Gardening Equipment

Installation & Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of year-round ecological restoration and native landscaping services. These include managing existing landscapes, converting traditional lawns, removing unwanted or invasive species, and transforming your unused outdoor space into a productive, beneficial Wildscape. Along the way, we'll provide you with the knowledge and insight necessary to become your own property steward. 

Click here to learn more about our full list of our services, or Email Us to start chatting about making your outdoor vision a reality!

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